5 Behaviors to outgrow by 30.

While we can not ask you to throw away things or behaviors that make you happy, there are certain behaviors that are joy killers and we say ditch them by your 30´s. You know,those habits that no longer serve you and are making you miserable instead? leave them in you 20´s where they belong and embrace the joy of letting go what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Constantly down talking yourself.

You´d be surprise how many women are constantly telling themselves what losers they are even before the society labels them one. Ladies I think its time we all practice self appreciating conversations with ourselves. Speak encouragement , you can do it, you deserve love  and everything good life can offer. Ditch the mean self talk in your 20´s where they belong. Remember the words of encouragement and love you give to friends? try doing the same to you.

Saying Yes when you actually mean No.

I am sure almost every woman is guilty of this. Remember when you´d say Yes when you mean No all too often in your 20´s? well your 30´s might be the time to turn a new leave.  Learn to prioritize your time differently, don’t feel like clubbing with the girls tonight? just say No and choose something you´d rather do.

Holding on to relationships that don’t bring you Joy.

In your 20´s, you make and keep a zillion  friends, which sometimes serve the purpose, but as you grow older and becoming the woman you ´d want to become, things change. Those friends grow into their own woman and choose their own path which sometimes is so different from yours. Time becomes more valuable than ever in your 30´s, kids, husband , career and more, and yes, time to cut off any relationships that no longer add value to you and brings you joy. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you a woman who chooses to spend her time wisely and invest only on the things that bring her uttermost Joy.

Making Excuses For Men.

Yes Yes and Yes.. Too many women are oh so guilty of this. Your love interest isn’t returning your calls and text on time? he disappears and reappears all too often? he´s been dropping off his mama to church every weekend , you re always waiting by the phone for him to call you? girlfriend, He´s not that interested in you, and truth is you don’t want to waste your time chasing someone who’s obviously not that interested in you. Delete his number, treat yourself to a delicious bottle of wine and Move On.

Comparing yourself to others.

No one is perfect, if you didn’t believe that in your 20´s , you better do in your 30´s. Stop sabotaging your very own happiness by comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their short comings. Most often than not, you are comparing your shortcomings to the best of others shown on social media. Take pride in your own accomplishment and be grateful, and focus on becoming a better you every time. Remember everyone is a work in progress.


love x light

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