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5 ways to look fab in this season´s floral trend


Every spring, there is a great floral trend that hits the fashion world and it seems to be consistently popular each year. However, since the trend does reappear each year, it can come across a little boring if you don’t get creative with it. I have put together 5 ideas to keep the trend alive this Spring, at the same time as having a fresh new look.


  1. Go “Full-On” Floral

  If you are going to do something, you might as well do it properly! So, try going all out in floral. Matching sets are making a serious comeback at the moment and so why not go for matching floral sets? Try an adorable floral pantsuit or a skirt and top combo. Perhaps team it up with a plain jacket though – there is such a thing as too much.


  1. Mix and Match

If the full-on floral look was a bit much for you, you can mix and match the styles. What’s cute right now is mixing floral with another type of print – it’s fun and exciting, as well as very eye-catching. Be sure to keep the same color scheme between the prints though.


  1. Color Blocks

Use bright colors to combine with your floral patterns for a really fun Spring look. Color always feels happy and if the sun is out, that’s even more reason dress in bright colors!


  1. The floral jacket

If the floral is all a bit much for you but you really want to get with the trend, then a floral jacket may be the way to go. This season, it is all about the bomber jacket. Why not get a fab floral bomber jacket, which is lightweight and perfect for this season’s weather. If you are still looking for work outfits, then a floral blazer will work too!


  1. Actual flowers!

We’ve been talking so much about the prints, that we forget that you can actually use flowers for your outfit! The flower crown is really popular right now and will continue through festival season. Also, try pinning a couple of flowers to your dress or jacket for a great Spring look!


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