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Beauty Post… June buys (Best in Beauty)

I try to  update my beauty regimen every now and then depending on the needs of my skin. Lately my skin has been feeling very dry and a little  rough and I knew that was my skin s way of telling me I was not doing something right or the change of climate  called for a change in my regimen. The climate here in California can be very harsh on the skin, I mean the very high temperatures during the day and the sudden drops during the nights can cause havoc on your skin. So products that are very moisturizing and hydrating to the skin are your best friends in this weather. I recently  purchased some products of Kiehl´s and I’m loving them so far;

Kiehl´s Abyssine Cream with SPF 23

This cream is everything. I love how  its glides on my face and how it leaves the skin with a soft silky finish. With an added spf of 23, this is a winner for this darn sunny California weather. I love this so much that yesterday I swung by to purchase more but was told this cream has been discontinued ,you can imagine my shock and disappointment. Too bad I have to start looking all over again for something that doesn’t irritate and is good to my skin just like my beloved Abyssine.
Kiehl´s Creamy eye treatment with Avocado
Hands down the best eye cream I have used till date. I mean even better than my faithful All about Eyes from Clinique that I have used for the longest time now. Those dreaded lines around the eyes are so soft and almost unnoticeable after using this avocado eye treatment for just over 2 weeks now. My eye area is left hydrated all day with a lovely glow. Im totally hooked…
I also got the Ultimate strength hand salve from Kiehl´s which I love, its hydrating and staying power is second to none. Im  sure I will be using this for a very long time..
Simple Eye makeup remover
For some reason totally unknown to me, my eyes have become so sensitive,I mean almost everything I use around the eye area makes me tear up or my eyes become so itchy. Well… so I tossed aside the Macs and the Bobbi brown s eye makeup removers for this one by simple. Cant give any concrete reviews on this right now cos I just got it,but will do once I have enough to draw conclusions on, but I read great things about it..
Well thats it for my june buys, hope you love the reviews, wish you all a happy new week,make it count guys.. Check back soon.

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