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Introducing K&F Cosmetics..

Introducing K&F cosmetics by two beautiful Cameroonian sisters Kate and Fanny to you all.  I love how these two ladies are changing the game ,yay to women doing great things. In their own words, read below to know more about this new line of cosmetics and how you can get your hands on them;

Beauty comes in many shades

K&F  Cosmetics originally founded by Bamnjoh Kate Miki and Bamnjoh Fanny Verla, two sisters who came up with the idea of building a brand in cosmetics and beauty. The idea was nursed way back in 2015 and was brought to light by April 2016. Initiating to the market their first venture which was FVB Lip kit.  The lip kit is 100% matte inspired by the daily young girl/woman makeup inspiration looks. Each lip kit color is baptized in reference to symbolic people and instances in their lives. Naming Fanny, Mary, Will, Chaab, Anas, Chanel, Lili, Elle, Brown Sugar, Diva, 1960 and FVB rouge lipstick.

   Digital marketing has been a huge platform for the duo to commercialize their products worldwide, enabling makeup artists and makeup lovers get their hands on K&F cosmetics. With an impressive online presence of about 25 000 Instagram following, K&F cosmetics is already making her mark. Mindful of how extensive the cosmetic industry is, FVB lip-kit launching has created a landmark for the establishment of the brand and realization of other beauty products. With the slogan Beauty Comes in many shades, the development of other beauty products associated with the brand includes; Human Hair,Wigs, Eye lashes, Contour Palette, Eye shadow palette etc.

K&F Cosmetic products are available online and ships worldwide with a base in Cameroon. All products can be found in a boutique situated in Mosquee Essos Yaounde Cameroon.

Contact Information.

Phone- 4915218498075

              +237 678031019

              +237 650866468


Love x Light

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