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Natural Hair Post…My Hair Care Regimen

It is always a good feeling when you wake up everyday being comfortable in your own skin. That is exactly the way I felt when I did the big chop a lil over 2 years ago. I took that one last look at the mirror ,accessed the damage and the beating my hair had received from constant relaxing since I graduated from high school and I told my self enough of all these…I felt liberated,I became my own woman,defined beauty by my own terms and have not looked back since then. The journey has not been an easy one though, I have been laughed at,picked on,lost interest and motivation along the way  and  called names like Lauren Hill and Macy Gray from across the streets lol but one thing remained certain..I was my own woman and I felt comfortable and beautiful just the way I am.
Ok back to what this post is all about,I did receive  a lot of compliments on my hair Thank You All, and a lot of request to do a hair post outlining the products that I do use on my hair. Wow,Im flattered, other ladies being inspired by my hair??? wow wow wow,my confidence just sky rocketed lol..Anyway I ll start by saying Im no hair guru,I do not have all the answers,I have looked at a 10001 videos on youtube and followed popular hair bloggers like Curly Nikky and Natural Chica (these ladies are doing an amazing job) over the years,tried a zillion products ,yes I did  all that lol… to finally find a few that works for me. Remember what works for me might not work for you, the key is listening to your hair and giving it exactly what it needs..One big lesson I learnt  along the  way while growing and caring for afro, moisture is WATER, plain ole water, chic was pilling butters and oils and would complain about breakage and dry hair all the time hehehehe, ok lets just say I learned the hard way,Ladies,what ever thing you do, give your hair WATER and it didn’t hurt either that I added a few supplements like Biotin to my diet… Anyway here are some of my staple products

Queen Helen cholesterol (deep conditioning)
V05  Deep Nourishing Elixir (co washing)
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration (co washing)
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Shea Moisture Restorative  Conditioner
Avocado oil
Carols Daughter (Tui leave in)
Carols Daughter (Hair Elixir)
Carols daughter mimosa honey
Coconut oil
Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie
Cantu Shea butter
Aussie 3 mins miracle (Deep conditioning)

I still have some products that are not included in the pics above,like my shampoo ,raw shea butter mix and a host of others, but those listed above is what I use religiously especially now that the weather is warmer.. I also do a hair protein treatment using egg,mayonnaise and some oils monthly or once in 2 months depending on the needs of my hair. Im always tempted and open to try new products, but its important to know what works for your hair… Hope this helps,any more questions,just leave it the comment box or my email and I will be glad the answer…. until then stay beautiful and Enjoy the weekend ..


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