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I have been experimenting with different brands of makeup from bobbi brown (my fav) ,to Mac cosmetics and have come to the conclusion that Mac foundations are not for me. I mean I tried,hung unto their prolong wear foundations for the last 3 years just to have them change the formulation last minute without warnings..Well after my frustration from discovering that the prolong wear formulation has been changed, no spf and something just looks off with  the shade I normally use, I went on the haunt of a new foundation. Finding a perfect match for brown skinned girls can be such a hassle, its like every thing in the market is either too red,too yellow or not pigmented enough for our skin tones; News flash. makeup companies,if you have to include lines to cater for women of color, I d suggest you take  the time to study our very different skin undertones, not everyone is too red or too yellow or ashy, we come in varying shades and undertones and deserve something that works for us too.. Well ..enough of my rants,here are a few products I added to my ever growing makeup kit..Experimented with any of these ladies? I´d love to hear your honest opinions below. Have a blessed weekend and check back soon.

Love x Light

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