5 Healthy habits to Slay your day.

Ever wondered why some people do a lot more and are more productive with the same  24 hours we all are blessed with each day? Ever heard the saying Beyonce and Oprah has same 24 hours a day like you and me? well here are a few healthy habits that can help you become more productive and slay your day;


Meditation. This is crucial for a healthy body,mind and spirit. I found out that when I start my day by having some quiet time with myself, I become extra productive, my mental health and focus is increased, I worry less and anxiety is kept at bay. You really don’t have to go all out with meditation as some people think, no candle lights in dark rooms lol; you can have some quiet anyway you choose, your car, an empty room, your porch  etc but away from anything that distracts you.  A quiet place to quiet your mind and block out the noisy world for a few minutes everyday helps relaxes you and gets you more in tune with who you really are.

Walking. One thing I noticed, many Americans don’t walk and thats a shame. Giving the many benefits of walking, we all should be walking much more, and its free too .. Walking truly does a whole lot for the body than  spending hours at the gym. It is relaxing and brings you closer to nature. Walking  helps you maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your bones and muscles, improves your balance and coordination and gives you energy while improving your overall health. Ladies, lets start walking.

Juicing. I juice and I love the way it makes me feel every morning. Juicing helps boost your immune system and aids digestion. The nutrients found in fruits and veggies can easily get lost in the food making process, so I find juicing/smoothies the best way of feeding myself these nutrients in the raw form.  My juice/smoothie of choice is vegetable smoothies made with kale, spinach, carrots, collards and blue berries.

Positive Thought. Begin each day with a positive thought and believe me, this takes you a long way. Each morning I start my day with a positive thought, I speak live and happiness into my day, I can and I will. This helps eliminates/fights every cloud of  self doubts I have hovering over me and gives a whole new meaning and approach to the new day,and YES mostly than normal, I SLAY my day on a positive note.

Set Goals. Have a to do list? well.. I think you should . Set goals for the day, this way you won’t forget the things you are set out to do, nothing worse than a wasteful ,unproductive 24 hours that you won’t ever get back. Set your priorities straight, coordinate similar task and track your progress. Win Win Win. Here are my 5 healthy harpist to slay your day.


Love x Light

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