5 things Happy people do to stay happy…

Happiness is a choice , a state of mind and mostly a conscious decision to be Happy against the odds of life. Happy people enjoy life, they welcome all it brings with open arms, if today wasn’t good, they shake it off and hope tomorrow will be better. The happiest people I have met in my life do not necessarily have the best of everything but they do make the best of what they have,and their carefree and positive attitude always shines through . Here are 5 things that Happy people do not indulge in..

1.  They don’t have time for Negativity

Happy people don’t care for negativity, they are optimistic and are busy affecting the people they come in contact with positively that all negativity around them becomes insignificant and eventually disappears.

2 . Happy People surround themselves with Positive people.

Positive people and positive minds attract. Happy people don’t want to be brought down by the negativity and sometimes hate, that unhappy people carry,so they choose to surround themselves with positive people who lifts them emotionally and spiritually.

3. They don’t dwell on failures.

Yea everyone fails or makes mistakes at some point in their lives. What happy people do differently  is they don’t dwell on it. Yes you failed sometimes before you eventually succeed,who hasn’t? shake it off, move on and be happy..

4. Happy people do not follow the crowd.

While its easy to follow the crowd while conforming to society s norm, happy people have mastered the art of independence and being in control of their own mind and thoughts, and  defining their parts and not that which the society defined for them.

5. Happy people don’t care about their Age.

Some people worry and stress about getting old and wrinkled, well happy people don’t, they know age is just a number and doesn’t let it affect their mood or determine how they feel, plus worrying causes stress and wrinkles.

Any other things Happy people do that is not listed here and you would love to share? please share with us.


Love x Light




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    July 15, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Nice one Harrie. Love this

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      Thank you Millie.

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