Adapt. Evolve . Quit

Change is the most difficult aspect of human existence, while it is the only constant thing in life, somehow it is often the scariest.  People get scared at the thought of change, not necessarily because it is a bad thing, but most often the process, the fear of the unknown, sounds familiar? As a person, change is inevitable in my professional and personal life, we all need change at some point in our lives to move forward, and in other to do so, we must learn to either Adapt, Evolve or Quit.

Adapt. Adapting and accepting change is one way to move forward. Nothing in this ever changing life stays the same, it could be a career move, an entrepreneurial and personal life changes like becoming a new mum. In order to catch up and adjust with what ever change you are facing, you need to adapt. The little inconveniences, those changes in the industry you work in all demands that you adapt for it to work seamlessly, remember you can’t keep doing thesame old things in a changing environment and expect positive outcomes.

Evolve. We evolve as we grow and that is a fact. Sometimes in life, you get to a point where you are suddenly not satisfied with where you are and the work you do. You know you can do better, you desperately want to be better, no time for mediocrity and you become your biggest critique. These could be as a result of growing up or the experiences you must have encountered along the way. Using myself as an example, 2 years ago, Missblizzers was just a fun space for me where I shared my style and the things I liked, fast forward to today, it is becoming a business, Im realizing oh! I could be making more out of this space, and what better way to do so? identifying the areas I could work on and improve my craft. That is evolving , and personally , there are areas in my life I strife to evolve in everyday.

Quit. This is a tricky one. In life we are made to believe that quitting is bad. Winners never quit and quitters never win, this cannot be further from the truth, as sometimes, quitting in itself is winning.. Sometimes it takes only a very brave person to quit, it takes an enormous amount of strength and bravery to recognize when to quite. You can’t make a better mathematician when your area of expertise is sale. I realized that often times we hang on to things that no longer serve us or help us grow into our full potential. We waste useful time and resources on the wrong things, know that hollywood wanna-be wasting away when she could make an excellent writer? Moral here is, be brave enough to identify when it is right to quit when something no longer serves you, people will talk, have opinions and more, nobody wants to be a failure right? Remember sometimes, quitting means re-strategizing, taking a step back, reallocate resources, find your area of strength, and come back stronger than ever.

We all have things we wrestle with everyday, and surprisingly or not,  change is universal. While I hope this helps someone one out there gains an insight to change, I am also hoping someone out there adds to this, we all benefit from change, so add your thoughts below; Have a wonderful weekend.


Love x Light


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