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Most people don’t know this about me, I am an extremely shy person. I mean, don’t let the blog thing fool you, outside my friends and comfort zone, I can be very shy and somewhat an introvert and in many instances, many people mistake it for being arrogant, which to say the least Im not,…Its funny because as a child, I was the extremely out going one, I was the first to say hello to strangers and ask question, yes .. more like being inquisitive I know,. As I grew into my early teens, things pretty much stayed the same, headed an all girls dance squad (yes I can dance), was a popular kid and  so far from being shy.

Well ..when I moved to Norway, things took a 360 degree turn on me. Awkward!!! to say the least. I found myself in the midst of all these blonde looking teens my age in class, I felt I didn’t belong in there,being the only black kid made it even more difficult. I was different, I looked and talked different. I became extremely conscious of how I looked, this affected me in so many ways, stopped eating normally to not look so curvy and almost became anorexic. All these insecurities took a toll on me, cultural shock was real,and I was too young to understand it. It made me shy, my hair was never straight enough no matter how much I pressed it, my bum was too big lol,. and my skin ,well thats a topic for another day. All these affected my sense of style. I figured out that if I dressed in plain clothes and wore mostly monochrome looks, I would go unnoticed. My journey of monochrome and plain jane started, I avoided anything that will bring any sort of attention my way, moments where I steered away and wore some colors or prints and got compliments made me even more shy,yes thats how strange I was… I guess its true when they say ,the environment and the way we feel plays an important role in how we express ourselves through fashion and style.

So lately, Im outgrowing my shyness, Im learning to express myself better with my personal style and becoming more outgoing. I am dressing to feel good about myself rather than trying to hide who I am, and if this turns heads and brings compliments my way,I will gracefully and humbly say thank you,keep my head up and continue being the stunner and confident woman Im growing into. Goodbye shyness and hello stunner…thats what has been playing in my mind all day while putting this bohemian inspired outfit together, besides, my birthday is in a few days time and Im feeling myself already,can’t wait.. Any of you readers have any experience with being shy and how it affected your sense of style? well drop a note below and we ll be happy to read from you..Have a blessed week everyone and thank you for stopping by..


Love x Light

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