Inspirational Post. Women and Suicide.

Hello lovelies,I hope you all are having a great week so far … today´s post is slightly different from what we are used to… well..looking at the Missblizzers header,you can tell Missblizzers is not just a style blog,I  will be blogging on Inspiration and other things too that can benefit us all in one way or another,and todays post is all about that.

This post is inspired by the young talented Bollywood actress Jiah Khan 25 , who committed suicide by hanging herself in the Mumbai apartment she shared with her mother and sister. Such an unfortunate and sad ending for her and her loved ones. Suicide among young women seem to be on a constant rise, it is disturbing  and painful to even imagine this happening to someone you love or even someone you ve never met, so you can imagine how I felt when I woke up to this sad news a few days back. I thought,such a beautiful girl,what could have possibly driven her to that dark place…
  Well….yesterday I had a heated conversation with a dear friend of mine on what can possibly push these young women to the edge, to that dark place where they come to the selfish(yes I think its selfish) conclusion that taking their own lives is best? Surprisingly in most cases , a man is involved, not any man ,that man that could careless about you, that man that feels nothing for you, that man that loves to put you in pain and and misery…Yes Ladies that man, and I ask myself is that Man worth dying for? And sadly in the cases of Jiah Khan and many others that have gone down that road,he was might be worth dying for…  I have read through Jiah Khan ´s suicide letter online over and over trying to might be see reasoning in her actions,but truthfully I still cannot. The more I read all the things she allegedly  wrote the more I believe she had a choice, she could choose to stop the abuse,the rape and the things that made her unhappy ,but she choose to stay in it to the point that she had to take her own life leaving her family ,friends and loved ones in extreme pain and shock.
  When things like this happen, I feel the pain, It could be anyone, your sister,your friend or that girl who just passed you at the supermarket. I wonder why anyone would do this to themselves and the people they love. Im no expert in relationships, but using Jiah Khan´s and many others before her,  I know that when it doesn’t feel good,it doesn’t feel right,its probably time to rethink things, yes its difficult to just leave when you love someone,but you can/should never love someone else more than you love yourself,so many times I’m convinced these victims did it for themselves rather than the people they accused of not returning their love,some even go to the extend of writing in the suicide note that their partners will never find someone else who will love them that much,I wonder how this justifies their actions.
 We must learn to Love and Value ourselves  as women first ,teach our daughters the importance of self love.  Some of these victims could have been saved if people around them paid a lil more attention,Im sure they ´d have seen some signs of depression or something.Ladies be your sisters keeper,instead of backbiting and putting each other down,we should learn to encourage and love each other. Learn to speak up and ask for help especially when you find yourselves in abusive relationships and remember never to loose yourself in the process of loving someone else, when everything seems heavy and dark today,don’t give up,I guarantee you,tomorrow is always gonna be better,the sun will shine again …Don’t give up. To Jiah Khan and all the others who ve gone down that road, we remember you…RIP…. And to you who thinks all is lost and suicide is the only way out, please seek Help,remember your loved ones, somebody really cares..No man is worth dying for..Learn to Love and Appreciate You and others will eventually treat you right…Thank you


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    June 14, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    I read the story too and i was shocked. Like you rightly pointed out, as women, we have to learn to love ourselves first before someone else would love us. And i think ultimately, if we remember how much God loves us, we would stay and fulfill our purpose and what he sent us to accomplish here on earth.

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      June 15, 2013 at 6:41 pm

      Thank you so much girl, we really should remember God Loves us always…

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