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Recovering Shopaholic? A few tips to building a wearable wardrobe.

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In a quest to breaking a spell on my shopping habits, I am shopping my closet and working on a  few tricks to minimize my spendings and building a functioning and wearable wardrobe. I was a shopaholic way before I ventured into blogging, I wouldn’t go a few days without something new in my closet(think young and stupid lol). This made me grow a way bigger closet than I imagined but one thing stood out, I constantly needed something new to put an outfit together, with a wardrobe full of clothes you ask? well, I guess that is the downside of aimless shopping, a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear. Sounds familiar? well listed below are a few tricks to help you build a wearable wardrobe;

Buy what makes you smile.. This is a trick I have been using lately to curb my shopaholic habit. I start by looking through my  closet, trust me, not everything you have spent money on in the past will put a smile on your face.  With that in mind, I sort out the things that I truly love and will absolutely wear, this gives me a clear direction in defining my style thus buying  only things I absolutely love and are true to who I am.

Find some Inspiration.. Remember Lookbook, Pinterest and your favorite bloggers and muses? yes, those are my go to´s for inspiration.  I look at pieces that I absolutely love and would wear, and checkout pinterest and Lookbook  for inspiration on how to style these pieces , that way I only buy clothes that I can wear and not end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I also get inspiration by looking at things  I already own, and looking for new ways to revamp them for a totally new look, trust me you discover some old germs tucked away  in your closet every time.

Buy one piece at a time. A shopaholic like myself and don’t want to have a closet full of clothes you don’t wear? buy one piece of clothing at a time. Yes; buying a well thought out piece at a time gives you the opportunity to create many different unique looks centered around the piece. This leaves you inspired, creative and enough room in your closet to actually see what you own and how to wear it; Result? a happy fashionista with more change in your wallet, a win win..

Take Inventory of your Closet. A shopaholic and find yourself buying identical items every time? You need to take inventory of your closet. Know what you have in there and what you need. When you can truly identify what you have and what you need, impulsive buying becomes a thing in the past and this leaves you a master of your wardrobe.

Hope the following points  helps a few of you out there as is it helping me overcome this shopping addiction, have more tips to share with our readers? please drop a note in the comment section. Until then, have a great new week guys and catch ya latter


Love x Light

Pant-H&M Here, Top- Asos Here, Clutch (old)- Zara

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    March 7, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    U look awesome…great tips and I love the look of the blog

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      Thank you dear..

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