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5 reasons you should be wearing black

Maxi skirt and adidas super star-3 Maxi skirt and adidas super star-17 Maxi skirt and adidas super star-7Maxi skirt and adidas super star-5Black Gets you noticed. Bet you didn’t see this one coming lol. Quite the opposite of what you expected I guess. Guess who gets noticed first immediately she walks into a room? I know what you are thinking; not the lady in the bright yellow suit but that woman in an all black outfit. She s confident, mysterious and demanding attention without doing much.

  1. Its Timeless.  Its that simple. Fads may come and go, but Black is forever, need I say more??
  2. You get dressed Faster. An all black outfit gets you dressed up and ready to go in no time, meaning you have more time in your hands to do more important things like, prepare for that early morning meeting, your makeup or even sleep in a lil longer knowing you ll look put together in very little time.
  3. Black is slimming. Not sure how true or accurate this is, but every time I wear an all black outfit, my friends and family won’t stop asking if I dropped a few pounds lol..and I think its amazing how good these compliments make me feel about myself..
  4. Black looks good on every skin tone, black ,White, Asian, Hispanic and everything in-between period. I have heard women say, if only I was a few shade lighter ,then it would work on me, well ladies news flash, Black is universal and works awesome on all shades of melanin too..
  5. Go from slob to Glam in a minute? yes a black outfit has the super powers to get you there. The color black screams sophistication and glam. Black can make even the most inexpensive clothing looks somewhat  expensive. When in doubt, I always go black, trust me, its somehow difficult to look sloppy dressed in black..

There you go guys, want to add some black items in your closet already? let us know what you think. Happy New Week everyone,.


Love x Light

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