Lifestyle Mummy' s Diary

Postpartum Depression and Finding my way out

I am sharing this with the hope that it can help someone out-there going through the same thing.  I love being a mama to my son, I mean there are not enough words that can truly express the love I have in my heart for him, yet that didn’t stop me from falling into postpartum depression after I had him. Yes I have been struggling with postpartum depression for sometime now and finally having the courage to speak up. It…

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Fashion Style

The Statement Floral Coat.

Happy New year guys, can’t believe its 2019 and January is almost coming to an end already.  Wow, what a year 2018 was, I became a mama to the most amazing little boy, to say 2018 was an amazing year is an understatement, and here s to wishing 2019 is even better. So what’s been happening you ask? I ll first of all apologise to you all for abandoning the blog the way I did, trust me life has been…

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Mummy' s Diary

10 Things I ‘ve Learned About Myself As A New Mum.

Motherhood is the one thing you can never prepare enough for and as a first time mum it can be even more daunting. I read books, blog posts and talked to other experienced mums in preparation for the birth of my little girl and with all the information I had prior nothing still compared to the real deal. Leaving the hospital and taking your little human home and then trying to figure it all out by yourself, nothing more frightening…

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Lifestyle New Ins

The ultimate Slides? Hermes Oran Sandal

I have long believed in quality over quantity but for some reason; I always chickened out every time I think of splurging  on these Hermes Oran sandals. I have wanted these for the longest of time but could not wrap my head around spending that much on a pair of flats. Well, lets just say everything changed, the last few months consisted of staying home and expecting a baby and decongesting my closet and basically making general changes to accommodate…

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Lifestyle This /That

Coffee Table Reads..

  Coffee tables are meant for small talks about current events over coffee/tea with love ones. That hasn’t really been the case lately, with the recent tragedies on the front pages of news papers, Tv stations and social media, I find myself looking for other ways to spare the heartache. I try my hardest these days to start my mornings on a positive note, so avoiding the News and turning to some of my favorite magazines is doing the trick.…

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Fashion Looks

Fashion Editorial.

  Fashion Editorial shoot with the beautiful Missenocha. As you all must have known by now, I shoot other bloggers too. Here are some photos from my shoot with Enoch awhile ago. Coming back slowly to blogging guys, bare with me. Have a blessed weekend . Enjoy Love x Light      …

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Beauty Makeup Skincare

Summer Beauty Essentials.

  Hello guys, guess who´s back? yeah its been a minute , I know. Been super busy but finally getting my life back lol.. I kid you not, Im too old for school, never studied this much in my life,  but Im thankful everything is getting back to normal, so how have you all been? Enjoying the summer already? Well guys, I’m easing my way back to blogging and I couldn’t be happier.  Since Im low-key beauty obsessed , here…

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Lifestyle This /That

Slow Living..

Thanks to Kinfolk Magazine and the Scandinavian´s slow living way of life, this Cali grown woman is finally picking up some interest in cooking and baking. The most interesting part of it all is, documenting the process. Kinfolk magazine is every creative s dream companion, the imagery and aesthetic has been a major inspiration to me since I embarked on this journey as a hobby photographer. Pick up a copy today guys and I promise you wont regret it. Someday,…

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Beauty Skincare

New Scent..

Not one to stray away from my signature scent (Chanel Chance), but lately I find myself loving these new scents from Le Labo and MasionMargiela Fragrances. Gosh you wont believe how beautiful these are until you try them on. Im definitely hooked. Other scents I want to try from Le Labo is Bergamote 22  and from Maison Margiela, Im in love with Lazy Sunday Morning. These are on the pricier side but they last a long time and you only…

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