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    The ultimate Slides? Hermes Oran Sandal

    I have long believed in quality over quantity but for some reason; I always chickened out every time I think of splurging  on these Hermes Oran sandals. I have wanted these for the longest of time but could not wrap my head around spending that much on a pair of flats. Well, lets just say everything changed, the last few months consisted of staying home and expecting a baby and decongesting my closet and basically making general changes to accommodate…

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    Coffee Table Reads..

      Coffee tables are meant for small talks about current events over coffee/tea with love ones. That hasn’t really been the case lately, with the recent tragedies on the front pages…

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    Fashion Editorial.

      Fashion Editorial shoot with the beautiful Missenocha. As you all must have known by now, I shoot other bloggers too. Here are some photos from my shoot with Enoch awhile…

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    Slow Living..

    Thanks to Kinfolk Magazine and the Scandinavian´s slow living way of life, this Cali grown woman is finally picking up some interest in cooking and baking. The most interesting part of…

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    New Scent..

    Not one to stray away from my signature scent (Chanel Chance), but lately I find myself loving these new scents from Le Labo and MasionMargiela Fragrances. Gosh you wont believe how…

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    Happy New Year ,.. 2017

    Happy New year everyone. I know Im a week late but hey better late than never. Ok on a serious note, Im so grateful to see a new year, many people…