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    While watching the Presidential Debate last night, the comments from some of the journalists and viewers on social media reminded  me of the existence of Sexism in the world we live in. I mean, this is 2016 guys and we have a woman running for the highest office in the land. One would think, since the glass ceiling is shattered or as some will put it, has some major Hillary cracks on it, sexism will at least be put on…

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  • double denim
    Fashion Inspiration Looks

    Double denim;

    I have noticed that the one thing we are all most afraid of in life is failure.  We are afraid to fail at the job, afraid to fail at life, that…

  • Beauty Makeup Skincare

    Beauty; Save/ Invest?

    I don’t know about you, but I’m yet to meet that woman who doesn’t desire a perfectly good skin. Im talking skincare and makeup. While the market is flooded with  high…

  • dress and sneakers
    Fashion Looks

    Last days of Summer..

    Cant believe summer time is coming to an end, I say this with so much joy in my heart. If you live out here in California, you ´d understand what I…

  • manuka honey
    Beauty Skincare

    Beauty benefits of Honey.

    We all know about the amazing health benefits of honey, but did you know it can be applied directly to your skin too with great results? I have been using honey, mainly…

  • dress and sneakers-13
    Fashion Looks

    back to school denim x sneakers

    It is back to school season and I am oh too inspired to put together this chic look for you guys. Prints , denim and my Adidas Superstar. Denim and sneakers…

  • Stripes-2
    Inspiration Lifestyle

    Stripes x Stripes…

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This saying has never truly reflected my life like it does now. Learning to make lemonade with all the lemons life has been throwing…

  • K&F Cosmetics
    Beauty Makeup

    Introducing K&F Cosmetics..

    Introducing K&F cosmetics by two beautiful Cameroonian sisters Kate and Fanny to you all.  I love how these two ladies are changing the game ,yay to women doing great things. In…