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The ultimate Slides? Hermes Oran Sandal

I have long believed in quality over quantity but for some reason; I always chickened out every time I think of splurging  on these Hermes Oran sandals. I have wanted these for the longest of time but could not wrap my head around spending that much on a pair of flats.

Well, lets just say everything changed, the last few months consisted of staying home and expecting a baby and decongesting my closet and basically making general changes to accommodate my new life. I finally found a place and need for the Hermes Oran Sandals.

Are they worth the Price Tag ? In my opinion, Yes.

First off, they are perfectly and beautifully made, and they make the perfect minimal piece to add that touch of luxury to your everyday outfit without doing much. The leather is beautiful and the brand is synonymous with luxury.

Secondly I needed a pair of sandals that would fit almost every item in my wardrobe; trust me these do. From skirts to pants, they look perfect without you needing to do much.

And lastly but not the least, these are comfortable and durable. The leather which these are made off is very durable,I mean after wearing them almost everyday all summer, they re still looking good as new. And the comfort, oh my, Im all for comfort these days. Since becoming a new mum, I have probably taken comfort and style to a whole new level. If it ain’t comfortable,I definitely ain’t buying it. I mean no one wants to juggle a baby around in uncomfortable clothing or shoes.


Hey ladies own a pair of oran Hermes Sandals and want to share your experience with us? did it live up to the price or hype?

Ps;I have my eyes on the white pair, note to self, Santa might be good to me this Christmas.


Have a happy New week guys and it does feel great to be back.


Love x Light


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