African Designer Spotlight: Coconsa by Linda Fiamanya

Hello ladies, hope you all are having a beautiful week so far, its almost friday guys.. the weekend is just around the corner but why am I not excited?? its so cold out here in Oslo making weekend trips to my favorite places around the city as well as taking pictures for our weekly outfit post almost impossible,I promise to go against the odds  though and do something fun this weekend.. before i digress back to business lol. For todays post, the spotlight is on the upcoming and extremely talented lady and brains behind the brand Coconsa, Linda Fiamanya. I was contacted and introduced to the brand by Linda´s people and I must say I was impressed with what I saw, their bags are beautiful and the detailing  is amazing and I could not pass out on the opportunity to introduce Linda and her work to you all.. Enjoy

Linda Fiamanya of Coconsa

Coconsa Story

Born in Ghana (West Africa) and raised in Sydney, Australia, Linda Fiamanya always had a passion for fashion and how one could express their selves through it, as well as, a penchant for outrageous colours. She endeavoured to create a line of handbags that fully embodied the mixing of her two cultural identities, that is, her ancestral home of Ghana (West African) rich with unrecognised beauty, culture and history with the western lifestyle. After joining a ‘women’s quilting group’ where she was taught basic sewing, Linda decided to take her creativity to another level and started designing and sewing chic and quirky handbags for her own personal use (and occasionally as presents to friends and families). Thus, the idea of Coconsa bags came into culmination, a collection of handbags with a classic blend of West African culture with contemporary, western culture.
All Coconsa handbags are made in Australia and overseas (India, Indonesia and China). Using authentic African, particularly Ghanaian fabrics called Ankara, kente (which is made from wax print and traditional hand woven cloth) and lace, combined with 100% genuine leather, jute, hessian, denim and other contemporary fabrics.
We offer customers the chance, to stand out, and to express their wild creative side with a handbag that complements this. For Africans it is a piece of home away from home and for other cultures it is a chance to embrace and be immersed in another culture.
On a more humanitarian note, our long term aim is to source the production of the handbags straight from Ghana, by hiring local Ghanaian women to intricately make the bags (with the necessary training) and in turn providing a source of income for these women and the deserved recognition of their hidden talents and skills. We also hope to use future profits to fund essential education for the children of these women.

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