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Keeping it Civil.

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In the wake of the Orlando shooting and killing of so many innocent people, we are all left devastated, not again, why can’t Love Lead like we preach? these events are becoming all too familiar, and every time it happens, it hurts just as bad . While it might seem like eternity before this madness can be put under control, a little act of love and kindness from me and you towards family, friends and complete strangers alike will definitely go a long way and this brings us to our topic for today, Keeping It Civil.

When was the last time you met a complete stranger at a super market, a buss/train station, on the streets and just smiled and said Hello, not to start a conversation but just to remind each other of our humanness?  when last did you offer your seat to that heavily pregnant lady or the elderly man on the train that needed it most? such little act of kindness from me and you often goes a long way and can turn a tough situation into a place that feels like home. You see dogs waging their tails when they meet at each other, I see you, I am friendly, you are friendly and they carry on. Might be its time for us humans to learn from that, Say hello to your fellow human, you might not know it, but that simple act of kindness might just have saved a soul. Remember to Keep It Civil;.. Always.

Have a blessed new week everyone.. And yes, its summer time and Im playing with textures, linen, khaki and denim. Did you know Old Navy has some of the best casual wears for the summer months? plus they have a big sale  going on there now..  My blouse and Shorts are from Old Navy, can’t believe I have been sleeping on them all these while. Well, now I know hehehe.. Enjoy your week and check back soon..


Love x Light


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    November 26, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    What a post I felt emotional reading this for some reasons

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