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My 3 Top Vacation Spots For Summer


greece 1 greece 2


maldives 2 maldives 3


bali 3 bali

Those who know me very well will testify my love for traveling and visiting new places. Im not sure exactly when this love affair with planes,new places,culture and people started, but I know growing up in Norway played a major role in it.. I mean 5 weeks paid vacation time every year gave me time in my hands and money in my pocket, and know what that mean?.lol. bag pack with my girls and off we go. That kinda stuck with me over the years and has developed to something I can’t do without, well kind of a tradition. I need to go away for vacation every year,considering the fact that I’m just returning home from one barely 2 months ago,the hubby must need a lot of sweet talking to us going for another one soon,but hey a girl´s gotta hope ,wish and dream and it might all just come through. My top 3 this summer is Greece, Maldives and Bali..Any of you beautiful readers have any experiences from any of these vacay spots, favorite places to visit,best affordable hotels and  restaurants and other recommendations? please share with us here on the comment section.. Its almost weekend and I am super happy,time to put my feet up and relax.. Check back soon for some outfit post this weekend..


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