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My City Post… Sunday Lunch at BJ´s

My love for good food means I’m always on the lookout for the next best restaurant or diner in my city. Thats exactly how I love spending my weekends and being new in Cali, its even more exciting never knowing what you get. While I tend to prefer small diners to large chain restaurants, I decided to try BJ´s this weekend. The outlay and decor was ok, so was the beer (hubby said so) but I was a lil disappointed with the food; moments like this make me miss Oslo even more for its small privately owned diners and Cafés found almost everywhere,gotta love Oslo and other major European cities.Well until next time, this Norwegian girl is still gonna be on the lookout for the perfect diner/restaurant/cafe here in the LA/Rancho area. Enjoy the new week and check back soon..


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