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The Positive side of NO.

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We live in a world where everyone wants to have it all, heck nobody wants to say No to themselves or others. Even young children are no strangers to getting what they want from their parents, somehow, they know exactly what buttons to push. With the mass media and freelancers preaching on the power of yes, especially in this booming self employed economy, sometimes the best thing to do is just say No, how difficult is that? Here are my few pointers on the positive side of No;

When you resist the pressure to say Yes to everyone and everything, you find that you become happier and live life on your own terms. You stop being a doormat and are left with enough time and energy to focus on the things that truly matter.

“the difference successful and very successful  people is,

very successful  people say no to almost everything”

Warren Buffett.

Accepting invitations and don’t show up? well we all are guilty of this aren’t we?. I am particularly guilty of this. In the past, I´d even accepted requests on being on  bridal trains and made many other commitment to friends that I had to cancel last minute, not cool, not cool. While this sort of behavior doesn’t just make you appear less credible, it can permanently ruin relationships. If you can’t do something, or can’t make enough time to meet other people´s expectations, a polite No will save you a whole lot of trouble. Trust me on this, I learned the hard way. The fear of not wanting to disappoint friends and family alike forces us into saying Yes to situations a simple No would do just fine. Its never that serious, before you  RSVP  for that upcoming event, make sure you can make it.

I have come to understand  that, one of the most important secrets in life is knowing when to say Yes and when to say No. A good place to begin is take a break, take a good look and analyze the big picture. Decide on whats is essential and eliminate what is not.

Having any problems with saying No even when you know you should? please lets hear your thoughts and how you are working on identifying the positive side of No. Have a blessed new week everyone and remember to check back soon..


Love x light.


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