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Sunny San Diego..

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Hello guys, long time no see lol… who are my kidding? Sorry for my long absence and no commitment to the blog, in my defense, my health has not been the best and well lack of motivation played a part too. I pretended to be a super human for a min and traveled to Cameroon without the necessary vaccines, oh boy! was that a bad bad decision or what? lets just say I came back sick and have been on my way of recovery since then, but Im grateful to be back on my feet again. Im so happy to be back to blogging and doing all the things I love.. Took a short trip to San Diego yesterday for a business meeting and loved feel in love with the city. Can you believe after only a few hours in San Diego and I want to move there already? lol.. They have trains,busses and trams.. Yes  Trams, you know what that means? reminded me a lot of Norway and the Norwegian in me felt right at home… I can’t wait to go back to San Diego ,stay longer and further explore this beautiful City. Have a blessed weekend guys and check back soon.



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