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This & That.. N7 Creamery Victoria Gardens


While it s easier to get soaked up in the very Americanized culture of grabbing coffee and out you go, making Starbucks somewhat a favorite out here for people on the go, I am still very Norwegian at heart. We love small intimate Cafés with beautiful seating, fresh pastries ,great coffee and amazing  customer service. Don’t get me wrong,I have nothing against Starbucks or other big chains, but you ll agree that there´s just something about small intimate Cafés ( even though the hubby doesn’t get it lol) that makes you just want to sit in for hours and chit chat with your girl friends. Thats exactly the feeling I get every time I step into N7 Creamery, which happens to be my fav spot to unwind,read a magazine and indulge in their variety of freshly baked pastries…Guess what guys, tomorrow is my birthday, Yayyy.. I can’t thank God enough for all the blessings, and to share in the blessings this birthday brings with you guys, I ll be hosting a GIVEAWAY here on the blog, so stay tuned… Enjoy the rest of the week and catch ya latter


Love x Light

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