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Tip on buying the perfect fit shirt.

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Oversized relaxed cut shirts have a special place in my heart and my closet, I mean growing up and seeing all these fashionable women wearing them so effortlessly was a true inspiration.  They were always just the right cut and sat beautifully on their frames. Fast forward to a few years down the line, inspiration turned to ehhhmm… obsession if you have to go by how many pairs I have stacked in my closet already and with them being a closet must have, I was sure I needed one in every damn color. Regrettably I was far from being satisfied with my purchases, why didn’t mine sit well on my frame like it did on those fashion icons, I ´d go a size or 2 up sometimes to get the free relaxed cut with just the right amount of swing, but well it never felt right and sometimes I´d look drowned in them.

That was my experience until a blogger friend of mine hinted I try shopping at Men´s section sometimes, I was like what? yes ladies, it sounded scary at first but some of the best fitted shirts in my closet are from the men´s section at department stores. I find they fit better and you have a lil swing without looking drowned in them and they are the perfect length too. I find that the shirts from the ladies department stores are sometimes too short in length and when you go a size or 2 up to the relaxed boyfriend shirt effect, it just looks wrong.

So ladies, whats your experience in shopping for the perfect relaxed cut shirt, any tips you ´d like to share with us on here? please drop a comment.. Enjoy the new week everyone and check back soon.


Pants- H&M Here  . Shirt- H&M Here. Shoes- Charlotte Russe Here  Bag- LV- Never Full.


Love x Light

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