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Last minute valentine´s day gifts.

The biggest Hallmark holiday of the year is just a few days away and if you haven’t got your other half a present yet, then you might want to get cracking! It is estimated that the average person will spend $150 on buying Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones. In fact, it is predicted that around $1.1 billion will be spent on just greeting cards alone! However, aren’t you bored with the usual candy and flowers etc.? I think that men need to start trying to spruce up their Valentine’s Day gift ideas and I have put together some ideas, so you can start hinting.


OK, this one isn’t that new, but it is still nicer than edibles. It is in his best interest too, as you get to model it for him afterwards. Perhaps leave a Victoria’s Secret catalogue open somewhere in your place and see if he gets the hint.

A Romantic Weekend Away

With the price you pay for a meal out on Valentine’s Day, you could have gone on holiday! So, why don’t you? Suggest that your partner doesn’t take you to an overpriced restaurant, but takes you to Paris instead! How much more romantic would that be? He will probably think it’s much better value for too – Ooo la la!

Massage Oils

This is a cheeky way to get some RnR in on the cheap! The oils usually cost around $10-$15 and you can get your other half to give the massage! They will enjoy how much you are enjoying it and you can enjoy a spa in your own home! Win win!

For Him

Most of the time, the guy is expected to do all the work and doesn’t really get treats himself. Be different and make sure he is rewarded for being your love too! Something gadget-y is always really cool, but often expensive! However, there’s always a classic Racing Car experience to fall back on. You know guys and their fast cars…


Whatever happens this Valentine’s Day… have fun and enjoy being in love!


Love x Light

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