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Beauty benefits of Honey.

We all know about the amazing health benefits of honey, but did you know it can be applied directly to your skin too with great results? I have been using honey, mainly manuka honey for sometime now and the results are Amazing. Who would have thought that you could achieve great skin by just applying raw honey on your face. I mean it literally leaves you glowing. So guys, my secret is out for all of you who asked. Honey is not only good for your health but it is amazing for your skin too. Here are some beauty benefits of honey;

Acne.  Suffering from acne and looking for ways to banish it for good? look no further. Honey is antibacterial so it is excellent for treating and preventing acne.

Anti Aging. This might be my favorite lol.. Honey is full of antioxidants which naturally slows down the aging process. Have a few wrinkles or ages spots to get rid of? Honey might just be your best friend.

Complexion Booster. Honey is extremely moisturizing. Its soothes the skin beautiful leaving a natural glow. For getting rid of acne scars, add lemon juice to your honey before applying to the face and voila, Hello Gorgeous.

Moisturizes the Skin. Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture to the skin and locks it in. Suffering from dry itchy skin? applying raw honey on affected area and rinse off after 20 minutes helps with moisture.

So guys, ready to ditch the chemical packed face products flooding the market and give this wonderful natural option a chance? remember if it is good for eating it is definitely good to apply on the skin. Well I’m  still looking for more honey mask recipes to address my skin concerns, so if you ladies have some favorite honey recipes to share ,please do.  Have a blessed day guys and check back soon.



Love x Light

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