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distressed denim + Fringe

Fringe boots and jeans-12 Fringe boots and jeans-10 Fringe boots and jeans-11 Fringe boots and jeans-19Fringe boots and jeans-14

A denim and tee kinda girl? thats me, any excuse to wear these makes me happy, and adding those beautiful fringe ankle boots to the outfit is pure joy.  I am all in my element, chic and tom boyish, well with  hips that are wide enough for two women lol. Talking about the outfit, its all about the basics. Thank God for the almost non existent Cali winter, cold still, but I can go through my days without needing a coat and forgetting  what real winter in Oslo or the East Coast feel like, and I really don’t miss it if I can’t pull off my tee and distressed denim this time of the year.. To my beautiful readers experiencing harsh winter storms, I say hang in there guys, the storm will be over real soon, keep warm, stay safe and drink lots of tea.

I am doing something different with the photos today, a lot  different from what you all are used to seeing on here and Im hoping you like the change. Working on my passion (photography) and investing my time taking things to a whole new level and experimenting with different filters; well to those who asked, yes I do edit all the photos on Missblizzers, it is a process and I hope to get better with time, my photography and editing tips will be coming up on the blog soon, so if you want to know all about how I edit my photos and what camera gear I use, then that post will be for you, in the meantime, follow me on Instagram (Missblizzers) for my daily photo inspiration.. Have a blessed new week guys, and remember to check back soon.

Denim Here. Tee Forever 21 Here . Boots Charlotte Russe Here


Love x Light

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    January 25, 2016 at 2:50 am

    These pics are taking forever to load but I already know the outfit is smashing!!!

    • Reply
      January 25, 2016 at 6:14 pm

      Thanks dear.. Sorry to hear the pics are taking forever to load from your end, are you still in pays? if yes then I can understand why.. Happy New year..

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