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My June Buys…

Hey lovelies,… I will be sharing my monthly buys and amazing finds with you all here on the blog. I love to shop,everyone who knows me can testify to that lol, but most importantly , I love looking great on a budget,so spotting great deals on clothing and shoes always put a smile on my face as well as my wallet. Anyway I got these cool oxfords from Zara for half the price yesterday, you cant even begin to imagine how happy I was when I spotted these in the shop, I ´ve had my eyes on them for a while and seeing them go down to half the price made them a great buy.  The crimson Jumpsuit is from Zara as well, when I tried it on in the shop,there was no way I was leaving without it… Cant wait to rock  these and share pics with you all..

And I got some stuff from Kiko Cosmetics too.. heard great things about this makeup brand,so was interested to try something different from the Macs ,Imans and Bobbi Browns that I am use to..Any of you used Kiko cosmetics ? please share your thoughts on them..Stay tune for a review on these..



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