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Newly Weds? 5 things to do before having kids…

If you are recently married, this post is for you.. As newly weds,I’m sure everywhere you go, there are people, including friends,family and complete strangers  asking you that `Question` When are the kids coming? sounds familiar? yes thats life for the newly weds. While these questions are asked with the best of intentions, I find them inappropriate sometimes because believe me, not everyone  wants kids and others  are just taking their time and waiting for the right moment. The period when you get married and when you eventually start having kids is an important one, its the only time you and your spouse are a unit of two so cherish it while it lasts,.. it could last a few months or years, thats up to you. Here are top 5 things every newly married couple should do before having kids

  • Travel. Traveling is therapeutic, and if you and your spouse have all these far away destinations you have been longing to visit, now is the time. Travel the world ,far and wide and enjoy the simple luxuries that don’t come with changing diapers and pushing strollers around the world. Go sky diving, bag pack around Europe, go scuba diving in Australia, South African Safari and more. Enjoy being newly weds and all the pecks it brings.
  • Shape Up.  Work out ,get into shape and eat right, these are simple things that we take for granted as singles, Im sure when the babies start coming, it will all seem like such luxury and oh so time consuming . So if you love sports, join a local team or organize one, prep and run a marathon.
  • Talk About starting a Family. The decision to start a family should be something to talk about for some time before actually deciding on it. Having a kid will change your lives for ever, so make sure you two are on it together.
  • Get to know each other. Its post wedding and pre baby time, use this time to know your partner. Sometimes some people live together before marriage and might think they already know enough of each other, but No,marriage changes a lot of things. Take enough time to know your partner and what marriage means to you two and your relationship.
  • Be selfish. Having kids means your days of being selfish and self absorbed are over, you ll practically have your heart living out of your body in the form of a tiny human being, so Now is the time for you and your spouse to be selfish, do whatever you want and be.

Have some more things you believe newly weds should do before having kids? please feel free to  share with our readers.


Love x Light


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