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The Statement Floral Coat.

Happy New year guys, can’t believe its 2019 and January is almost coming to an end already.  Wow, what a year 2018 was, I became a mama to the most amazing little boy, to say 2018 was an amazing year is an understatement, and here s to wishing 2019 is even better.

So what’s been happening you ask? I ll first of all apologise to you all for abandoning the blog the way I did, trust me life has been hectic and like everything else, I had to set my priorities straight for a minute and sadly enough the blog took the backseat.  If I ever imagined pregnancy was a difficult and hectic time in a woman s life, no one prepared me enough for life after baby arrived, I mean every single second of every day is all about the baby. When I tell people I haven’t dressed up or worn makeup for a long time, they think Im kidding. They say it gets easier as the baby grows, well that’s not true, its 7 months now and trust me its still doesn’t get any easy.

Enough talk about baby and how hard it has been lol, who s feeling my outfit? 2019 is looking dramatic already thanks to this amazing Ankara looking coat from HM. I still find it hard to believe this is not Ankara, the fabric is so soft and beautiful, HM had me sold on this one the moment the set eyes on it. The white shirt ,jeans and heels definitely brought the whole look together and to add some much needed drama,I brought in this gorgeous straw hat I picked up at Forever 21.

Love my look? let me know what you d add or take away from the whole look.




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