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4 common makeup mistakes we re still making today..

Super Thin eyebrows are still in.

Well…technically since this is a very common makeup mistake some  women have deliberately refused to let go and catch up on the current trend, thin sometimes over drawn and over plucked brows are still in. Thin brows were a hit in the early 2000 ´s, it is 2016 already ladies, so they should be left in the past. Let your brows grow and if you’ve somehow lost hair permanently , there are some really good products in the market to give you the illusion of fuller brows, think Anastasia brow pomade and many other similar products available today.

Your foundation still doesn’t match your skin.

You´d think with the rise of  youtube tutorials and the ever knowledgeable staffs at beauty counters today, the totally unforgiving makeup sin of overly dark or overly light foundation should be a thing in the past. Think again, some ladies are still walking the streets  wearing the wrong shade of foundation. Gone are those days where we would pick up a shade from the counter and hoping it matches our skin, seek help from the experts at the beauty counters to get an exact match for a natural healthy makeup look.

You still use your fingers to apply eyeshadow.

Guilty of this makeup sin? Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. The secret to a better application is blending blending and blending. Your fingers can’t blend the shadows enough for a seamless finish especially when working with powder products. Investing in good makeup brushes will do the trick. Real technique and Elf has affordable brushes if you don’t want to spend on the more expensive versions from Mac. Remember how you apply your makeup products is just as important .

You still don’t use a primer when you apply makeup.

Imagine the sight of a sweaty face with streaks of makeup running all over ; yes we still see those these days on some women. A good primer acts as a base for your makeup, it holds the products in place so your makeup last longer and looks better. Some primers fills your pores and water resistant,meaning even when you sweat during hot humid days,your makeup is bound to stay put. Invest in a good primer and watch your makeup game change for the better.

Ready to leave these common makeup mistakes behind and embrace a new flawless you? shop some of the products below;


Love x Light

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