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Beauty Post.. Clear Skin with SkinClear by Boots???

New miracle product without breaking the bank? ok ladies I cant really be classified as someone with problem skin,but I can never seem to escape the occasional breakouts which occur as a result of hormonal changes,weather conditions (mostly during warmer months) and poor dieting…Well I guess its safe to say, I have tried almost everything under the sun,from high end to drugstore brands with very unsatisfactory results sometimes, after being introduced to SkinClear,  I can confidently say that these bad babies are good,they do the job oh so good and for cheap too. Started with the deep pore facial treatment scrub a lil over 2weeks and just started using the treatment wash recently,Im hooked,my face feels clean and looks clearer than its been in months and Im super happy about it, guess I will be using this for a very long time.. Any of you ladies have/had some experiences from using this product ,please don’t hesitate to share..Have a great weekend you all and check back soon. Enjoy!!!


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