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Essentialism.. Things you can’t live without.

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Essentialism and Minimalism all point to the same direction. While being a minimalist to some means , owning a closet with mainly monochrome items, white tees, black pants and dresses (you can be a minimalist and love colors too though) , Essentialism on the hand is mainly those little things we can’t seem to live life without, the non negotiable.

In life , essentialism is easily identified by our personal relationships with items, giving them significance, something that usually goes beyond their physical properties. Those questionable harbits we can’t seem to break, e.g;

The random piece of newspaper you keep in your wallet , the tube of lipstick you own that you never wear or that ugly sweater you keep in your closet that you never get to wear and doesn’t look like you will be wearing them in the nearest future, so why do you keep them again? yeah we all sometimes keep an item due to  sentiments rather than functionality.

So guys, if asked to identify the non negotiable in your life, what will that be?


Love x Light



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