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If any of you are like me, then you ll understand why I have to make some necessary changes when it come to my skincare and beauty regimen as the weather changes. As much as I would like to stay committed to my tried and trusted routine, I have come to accept the fact that as someone who suffers from dry skin, ok let me rephrase ,very dry flaky skin and scalp,the cold,dry and windy autumn and winter months are a nightmare when it comes to my skin and hair. I have experimented with almost every product under the sun, from high to low and nothing seemed to work, some for a lil while and others where just a waste of money and time, well except for those pictured above. I started experimenting with oils for awhile now, with Grapeseed, Argan, Avocado and baby oil being my absolute favorites.

Face and Body

Argan Oil: I heart this oil, I got mine from an organic shop here in Oslo called Røtter. This could pass as my favorite in the bunch, I use it every evening on a cleansed face and neck before bed and wake up with a glow the following morning,plus all those annoying dark spots on my cheek are fading out,great product. Love it

Grapeseed Oil: This is another fav oil of mine. Its so light and easily absorbed by the skin,so I use this as a serum every morning before I apply my regular lotion and spf. Great stuff, it leaves my skin moisturized without looking greasy and I also heard it has anti aging and healing properties too..

Johnson Baby oil gel: My long time love,been riding together for like ever now lol… for that baby soft skin and glow,I depend on Johnson baby oil gel. I apply this immediately after shower to lock in moisture and my skin stays moisturized all through the day.

Shea Shower Cream: My holy grail, shower gels dry me out… well especially during the dry autumn and winter months,so I prefer creams instead. This shea shower cream from the body shop is my favorite,my skin is left clean, moisturize  and super soft too after every shower


Avocado Oil: If I was forced to pick just one oil to use on my hair,it will be avocado oil. I love how my hair drinks it up..For shiny healthy and stronger locks,avocado oil is the real deal,my tried and trusted together with coconut oil,but I realized that coconut oil does nothing for my hair during these colder months,so I just stick to avocado and I am completely satisfied with it,plus the fact that it doubles as a great oil for the skin too makes it a must have…

Coconut Milk conditioner: This conditioner is great for those winter co-wash days,easy to use great slip and it is protein based as well thus reducing breakage,so I find that with just this and great oils,creams and water based conditioners,my hair can handle the cold…

Fav Perfume

While Chanel chance is an absolute favorite of mine,I sometimes stray away for a lil bit and this time around,I find myself loving this number by Narcisco Rodriguez. A little different from what Im use to, a lil stronger and fits my autumn/winter mood and style perfectly.


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    October 30, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Now I see why you glow like that. Good finds dear.

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