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Beauty Tips for women over 40

It’s a scary time for many women when you have hit the big 4-0 and you feel that you are starting to age. Your skin will inevitably go through some changes, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot still look beautiful. Therefore, we have put together a list of tips that we think will do wonders for your skin when you reach this age.


  1. Moisturize

As you age, so does your skin, so ensure that it gets lots of moisture. You should also use a night cream as part of your regular beauty regime. If you use a hydrating night cream, it will get to work whilst you are asleep and you will wake up feeling soft and rejuvenated.


  1. Beware of the sun

The sun does more damage to you as you get older and in fact, all the damage you did to your skin when you were younger will start to show as you age! Therefore, you need to protect yourself even more than before. That means never stepping out of the house without at least an SPF of 15.


  1. Using the right makeup

What does this mean exactly? Well, you are not going to go over the top like you may have done as a teenager, but everything should be subtle and designed to make you look younger. Go for pastel shades and subtle nudes and definitely go easy on the blusher! Try contouring for a more youthful look, by using a powder 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone.


  1. Look after your eyes

One of the first tell-tale signs of aging is the wrinkling under the eyes. Use a nice under-eye gel, which will help clear up this area and get rid of these signs of aging. Also try a hydrating face mask, which you can even make at home!

These are just a few tips to help you looking young and beautiful, but remember, you are only as young as you feel!


Love x Light

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