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Beauty; Save/ Invest?

I don’t know about you, but I’m yet to meet that woman who doesn’t desire a perfectly good skin. Im talking skincare and makeup. While the market is flooded with  high end products that come with promises to transform your skin, these  products often do come with a hefty price tag too. Most often ,we are find ourselves in a dilemma ,where do we save or invest  when it comes to skincare and makeup? since naturally for working women like some some of us, spending hundreds of dollars every month on makeup and skincare can be tough. Yes I learned the robes and know where to cut corners while still maintaing a healthy glowing skin.

Cleaners/ Toners. Save

I have spent a lot of money on cleansers in the past that, I kick myself  every time I think of it. Cleansers and toners are steps in my routine that I could cut corners with and still maintain a healthy clear skin. I stopped using the Clinique and Clarins cleansers which didn’t do anything for my skin all these years.  I am on my second bottle of Cetaphil and Neutrogena (pink grapefruit) cleansers (both drugstore brands) with amazing results and saving me a ton of money.

Moisturizers. Invest/Save (depending on your skin concerns)

Moisturizers can be tricky. I have met some beautiful women with great skin who use cocoa butter all over and I have also met women with horrible skin who use expensive products. So I guess the secret here is knowing what your skin concerns are and finding the right products to target them. For me personally, I choose to invest in a great moisturizer to target my skin concerns and I found out that Kiehl´s natural skin products work well for me.


I have used both high end and drug store brand foundations in the past and this is one area in your beauty routine I will say Invest in. I found out that while drugstore brands like L óreal and Neutrogena work for many women, these break me out like crazy. So when it comes to foundations, I´d rather invest in products like Lancome and Nars foundations and save on mascaras and nail polishes instead.

Lipstick/ Save

The lipstick dupes videos on youtube are a life saver. While I would go out of my way to get a Mac limited edition lipstick every now and then, I save a ton on money by choosing to buy equally good but cheaper versions from Milani, Nyx and other drugstore brands… Genius.

Perfume /Invest

This is one item that I don’t negotiate on, yeah body sprays and mists are great, but I go all out on my perfumes. I like the long lasting scents of My Chanel 05, Chanel Chance and Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.

How about you ladies, what do you save or invest in when it comes to beauty and skincare?



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