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Thanks to Kinfolk Magazine and the Scandinavian´s slow living way of life, this Cali grown woman is finally picking up some interest in cooking and baking. The most interesting part of it all is, documenting the process. Kinfolk magazine is every creative s dream companion, the imagery and aesthetic has been a major inspiration to me since I embarked on this journey as a hobby photographer. Pick up a copy today guys and I promise you wont regret it. Someday, just someday, I hope to see my work published in all major publications.

Oh lest I forget, VSCO profiled my work a few weeks back, if you follow me on instagram (@missblizzers) you must have seen that, that moment was a defining one for me, as it made me believe in this journey even more, to get recognized for something you do purely for the love of it, Priceless. And to those wondering, no I didn’t forget about our style post, that will be back shortly. Enjoy your weekend guys, and please  remember to follow me on Instagram.


Love x Light

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